Access Masterclass Level 1 & 2: Beginner to Intermediate Course

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92 Lessons (6h)

  • Your First Program
  • Introduction To Access Masterclass
    How To Have The Best Course Experience2:51
    How To Access, Access2:14
    All The Databases So You Can Follow Along
    Why Use Excel And Access? (Comparison)8:58
  • Everything About Tables In Access
    Intro Working With Tables And Navigation3:51
    Fundamentals Of Editing Records Adding And Deleting5:57
    Sorting In Access1:32
    Filtering In Access2:24
    Find And Replace Tables2:37
    Creating Our First Table, 14:13
    Creating Our First Table, 22:47
    Creating Our First Table, 31:41
    Field Properties(field size,format,input masks)7:00
    Default Values And Validation Rules6:33
    Zero Length Text Fields3:12
    Look-ups In Access7:33
    Moving fields, Adding fields In Design View2:37
  • Working With Reports In Access
    Intro To Reports7:24
    Move Resize Align Reports7:23
    Unbound Controls Access1:38
    Bounded Control2:36
    Calculated Controls Access1:52
    First Control Text Box in Report10:07
    Grand Total Control In Report4:55
    Grouping In Reports2:26
    Conditional Formatting in Reports3:18
  • Select Queries
    Intro to Queries and Designing Queries6:44
    Sorting In Queries2:40
    Criteria In Queries3:06
    Wildcards In Queries2:24
    Formulas In Queries5:20
    Calculations In Queries2:06
    Parameter Queries3:34
    Top Records Queries3:19
    Totals Queries2:15
    Crosstab Queries3:30
  • Action Queries
    Update Query Access5:13
    Make Table Query3:11
    Append Query4:48
  • Forms In Access
    Intro To Forms1:01
    Creating Customer Form5:20
    Alignment In Forms3:11
    Styling our Form3:01
    Controlling Tab Order1:51
    Transactions Form List1:38
    Creating SubForm4:58
    Final Touches Customer Transactions7:13
    Understanding Form Record Source2:34
    Good Form Design Advice5:45
  • Database Design 1 (Becoming a Database Expert from Other Areas)
    Advice for Spreadsheet Experts1:25
    Advice For The End User vs. Developer1:34
    Advice for Coding Experts1:32
  • Database Design 2, Illustrating Normalization Practically
    First Rule of Database Design2:43
    Second Rule of Database Design1:55
    Third Rule of Database Design1:50
  • Database Design 3, Table Design
    Primary Key3:59
    Selecting A Starting Auto-Number4:29
    Is Duplication Sometimes Necessary?1:38
    Non-Normalized To Normalized2:44
    Field Type Consistency0:57
  • Database Design 4, Relationships and Referential Integrity
    Relationships and Referential Integrity4:03
    One-To-Many Relationship1:55
    Many-To-Many Relationship4:09
    One-To-One Relationship1:04
    Hands-On Referential Integrity Illustration6:42
    Hands-on Cascade Delete Illustration3:46
    Cascade Update1:02
  • Database Design Activity
    Database Design Activity7:16
  • Importing Excel into Access using GUI and Database Principles
    Intro To Excel And Access1:26
    The No Heading Problem3:42
    Import Errors (Excel to Access)4:49
    Data Check/Considerations Before Import3:10
    Many Excel Files to One2:01
    Creating Master Table in Access6:13
    Normalize by Creating Specific Tables and Implementing Relationships8:15
    Appending, in Order very important 8:26
  • Essence of Programming - Program Flow And Controlling Flow/Direction
    Control Structures1:41
    Decision Structures - If Then Else5:24
    Loop/Repetition Structures - Do While4:57
  • An Intro To Access Macros
    Creating an AutoExec Macro4:23
    Standalone and Embedded Macros2:12
    Exploring Options in Macro Action Catalog6:03
    Button Control Macros using Wizard9:44
    AutoExec Macro 2 - Using Table and Form to Create Welcome Message, 111:50
    AutoExec Macro 2 - Using Table and Form to Create Welcome Message, 22:14
    AutoExec Macro 2 - Finishing Touches2:57
  • Importing Excel into Access using VBA
    Simplest Way To Import Excel Files to Access using VBA8:59
    More Flexibility When Importing Excel to Access using VBA27:38
    The Best User Experience and Flexibility When Importing Excel Files using VBA12:47
  • Finish Line
    Final Thoughts1:03
  • Appendix - Extra
    Why Access Is Still Popular And Future13:58
    Access Scalability4:31

Manage Your Data Better with 6 Hours of Content on How to Take Advantage of Access & Excel

Ermin Dedic

Ermin Dedic | Data Science + Psychology

4.2/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Ermin Dedic is passionate about statistics, data science, object-oriented programming, and psychology/mental health. He's developed an expertise in SAS programming and beginner/intermediate statistics largely through his schooling and partly self-study. He's also self-taught in object-oriented programming. Currently, Ermin Dedic teaches 24 courses.

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Microsoft Access is the perfect complement to Microsoft Excel but so many people under-utilize Access. In fact, the biggest mistake users make is to use Excel as a database (or a place to store or manage data). This can cause all kinds of headaches if there is an increase in data or multiple users start to want to interact with the data. The course includes an illustration on how to prepare Excel data before importing it into Access, how to properly import it into Access, and then illustrating how a database works.

4.6/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 92 lectures & 6 hours of content 24/7
  • Work w/ the Graphical User Interface & the 4 Main Objects
  • Understand & apply database principles to ensure data integrity
  • Import Excel spreadsheets into Access via GUI & VBA while applying proper database principles
  • Understand the fundamentals of Access Macros & VBA

Note: Software NOT included.


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  • Access options: desktop & mobile
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  • Experience level required: intermediate


  • Microsoft Access


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