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  • Section 1: You Can Ace Your Next Job Interview
    Quick Wins Stand Out With a Video Thank You Note0:40
    You Can Accomplish Your Primary Goal - Getting the Job Offer0:55
    Here Is Why You Are The Absolute Best Person for This Job1:12
    This Is How You Will Stand Out1:43
    Here Is What Is Special About You0:52
  • Section 2: Developing Your Winning Interview Mindset
    Deliver a Career Catapulting Presentation1:58
    Your Resume Has Done Its Job, Now It Is Your Turn2:20
    This Is The Perfect Time To Be Politically Correc2:03
    Please Tell Me About Yourself1:38
    You Can Convince The Interviewer You Are The Best Person for the Job1:13
    Convince the Interviewer You Are a Self-Learner2:05
    The Consulting Freelancing Backdoor Into Your Dream Job1:15
    The REAL Reason Job Interviews Take Place2:45
    Make The Interview a Two Way Street2:01
    New Lecture2:03
  • Section 3: Maintaining a Winning Mental State for Job Interviewing
    Interviewing Skills With a Positive Mental State3:07
    Create Your Winning Message4:47
    Create Your Winning Message4:47
    The 60 Second Winning Interview1:41
  • Section 4: Roll Up Our Sleeves And Prepare for The Interview
    Let’s Get to Work1:37
    The Secrets Are At Your Fingertips3:11
    Plan Your Logistics The Right Way1:15
    Linkedin Opposition Research1:06
    The Basic Facts Are Not Enough1:20
    This is How People are Interviewed In Your Industry0:48
    Finding the Inside Track0:59
    The Perfect Time for Your Job Interview0:41
  • Section 5: Advanced TJ Tips
    This Won’t Work In Every Situation, But...0:29
    Create Value for the Interviewer Right Away3:34
    Give An Actual Presentation2:41
  • Section 6: Winning Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication
    What You Saying Before You Say Anything0:40
    Dress for Success and The Job Offer3:00
    Jewelry To Enhance Not Detract2:00
    Gender Clothing Issues1:57
    Makeup is Not a Made Up Issue1:56
  • Lecture 7: The Sweet Smell of Your Success
    Walking Into the Interview With Grace9:31
    Have The Look1:30
    Winning The Voice Competition2:44
    Mirror Mirror On the Wall and In the Chair1:39
    No, You Can’t Bring a Fidget Spinner0:58
    The Picture of Success0:50
  • Section 8: You Can Eliminate Your Nerves
    Nervousness Can Melt Away0:47
    The Real Reason You are Nervous About Your Interviewing Skills1:27
    Horrible Practices To Avoid At All Costs1:24
    Just Say No1:41
    Never Let them see Or Feel You Sweat0:42
    Exhale Your Worries Away0:49
    Exercise Your Stress Away0:42
    Enough With Poor Little Me1:48
    Pitching Yourself On a Regular Basis Where the Stakes are Low1:13
  • Section 9: Rehearse Your Interviewing Skills Like a Pro
    The Ultimate Success Tip for Great Job Interviewing Skills2:30
    Winging It Is Always a Bad Idea2:39
    The Checklist for Critiquing Your Interview Skills1:39
    The Perfect Interviewing Skills Partner for You Is...0:37
    Practice On Video This Way1:15
    The Magic Practice Number is 101:06
    Now It Is Your Turn1:02
  • Section 10: Only Minutes to Go Before Your Interview!
    Last Minute Tips Before You Start the Interview0:19
    Don’t Get There On time, Get There Early3:46
    Lose Your Phone1:49
    Hands Free and Clutter Free1:17
    The Last Minute Pit Stop0:59
    Your Winning Bag of Tricks0:54
    Cracked Lips No More1:52
    Never Let Your Stomach Betray You1:12
    The 30 Minute Drill2:45
    Great Way to Not Look Like a Horse or a Cow1:38
    Serenity Now!0:58
  • Section 11: You Are Now In the Interview
    Things To Do In Your Interview0:41
    The Interview Starts Right Now1:01
    You Are Not Being Called Into the Principal’s Office3:09
    Someone Might Be More Nervous Than You0:54
    Name and Title Please1:13
    Now We Can Dive Right In2:00
    Here Is How to Talk Like a Human Being1:54
    Clean Laundry Here3:17
    If You Are Winning the Debate, You’ve Lost the Debate1:10
    Show You Are a Real Person2:31
    Be Cool!1:50
    Treat Your Interviewer the Way You Want to Be Treated1:31
    Abort the Mission If You Need To1:41
    The Slick Way To Not Look Too Slick1:06
    Keep Focused On the Primary Objective2:24
    Not An Exact Fit Here, But...2:36
    Your Style, Not the Interviewer’s Style0:56
    Confidence Yes, Arrogance No1:12
    The Interviewer Must Always Feel In Control of the Show1:15
    Answering Questions With Just The Right Amount of Confidence0:48
    Bigger and More Important Than You1:00
    Don’t Lie! It’s Wrong and You Could Get Caught1:01
    It’s Not a Comedy Show, But It Is a Show1:19
    Not an Enemy, But Not a Friend1:22
    Show Strength Through Flexibility1:12
    Prove You Are a Team Player0:49
    Communicating With Others Is Your Strength0:58
    The World Can Be Your Oyster1:22
    Be Fun, But Be Serious1:20
    Forget The Canned Answers1:20
    The Technology Overlay To Your Professional Life1:55
  • Section 12: Here Is How To Answer Questions With Skill
    The Real Question Inside Every Question0:26
    This Isn’t the Classroom1:34
    And...Why Is This Relevant To Me Hiring You2:26
    No Stupid Questions But There Are Stupid Answers1:18
    More Question Strategies1:16
    Your Goal Is to Communicate, Not Necessarily To Be Concise3:23
    Here Is Why You Should Hire Me1:15
    Pushing All The Right Buttons In Your Answers1:03
    Answer Questions In a Likeable Way1:42
    Working the Upbeat Angle1:36
    Be G-Rated Authentic2:10
    All Time Stops When You Are In an Interview1:12
    Thinking Is OK In An Interview1:33
    Abstraction Is Your Enemy In Job Interviews1:07
    Planting Positive Seeds In the Mind of the Interviewer0:51
    The Interviewer Wants You To Succeed1:15
    Figure Out a Way To Show You Love Technology3:36
    This Is Not the Time To Be Modest1:13
  • Section 13: Here Are Questions You Had Better Be Prepared For
    Tests Are Easy When You Know The Questions In Advance1:36
    Why Did You Leave Your Last Job0:35
    What Was The Best Job You Ever Had0:47
    What Was Your Least Favorite Job Ever1:10
    What Are You Looking for In Your Ideal Job0:58
    Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years1:07
    When Did You Work With a Difficult Colleague0:34
    What Kind of Team Projects Have You Worked On1:33
    Why Should We Hire You Practice Your Interview Skills Now0:57
  • Section 14: Notes On Note Taking During Job Interviews
    Here Is Why You Should Take Notes During a Job Interview0:41
    You Don’t Need High Tech for Note Taking1:16
    More reasons To Take Notes During a Job Interview2:00
    Why The Interviewer Needs To See You Taking Notes0:47
    Good Note Taking Can Reduce Your Stress During the Interview1:31
    No, You Can’t Use a Laptop During a Job Interview0:19
    Look At the Interviewer, Not Your Notes0:34
    Using Your Notes To Your Advantage1:35
    Review Your Notes on Notes0:51
  • Section 15: Selling Yourself By Asking Smart Questions
    Preparing Your Questions Strategically0:50
    Questions To Increase Your Odds2:04
    Don’t Go Overboard, You Aren’t The Investigative Journalist0:44
    Your Tight List of Planned Questions0:58
    Your Questions Will Show You’ve Done Homework1:02
    The Right Questions Will Demonstrate Your Abilities0:43
  • Section 16: Here Is What NOT To Say and Do During a Job Interview
    This Won’t Help You1:27
    The Real Mistake To Worry About0:57
    At This Stage, Resumes Are Boring0:31
    No, It’s Not Safe To Talk Religion Or Politics In a Job Interview1:25
    Never Put Yourself Down, Other People Are Willing To Do That1:06
    You Don’t Get Frustrated1:05
    G-Rated Language the Whole Time0:50
    Never Ask How Soon Until The Next Promotion0:41
    Be Careful About Leveraging Insider Contacts1:03
    Avoid Cliches Like the Plague Interviewing Skills0:34
    Don’t Get Too Cocky0:25
    You Don’t Care How Old or Young Your Boss Is2:08
    No Invitations Yet1:04
    Your Interviewer Is Not Your Career Coach0:50
    Don’t Ask for Gossip Or Dirt1:02
    Don’t Repeat Your Questions0:35
    Don’t Lie About Previous Salary1:39
    Don’t Ask About Work Hours Because You Love To Work All the Time2:04
    You Aren’t Personal Friends Yet0:26
    Don’t Ask If You Can Work from Home
    Hold Off On the Special Circumstances for Now
    Your Focus Still Needs to Be On What You DO Want to Say, Not What You Don’t Want to Say
  • Section 17: Things To Do Right As You Are Leaving the Interview
    The Last BIG Positive Impression0:55
    Get the Interviewer’s Business Card0:28
    And In Summary0:44
    Establish a Follow Up Plan1:56
    Be a Gracious Guest1:10
  • Section 18: Your Total Professional Package
    Every Touch Point With the Interviewer Must Be Professional0:30
    Have a Voicemail That Isn’t Full2:42
    Your Voicemail Needs to Say Who You Are1:40
    Hand the Interviewer Your Business Card1:43
    Have a Simple Email Address2:42
    Create The Image You Want for Your Next 2 Jobs2:34
  • Section 19: Presents To Leave So You Won’t Be Forgotten
    Reminders You Were There0:48
    Get Your Portfolio Ready1:12
    Professional Certifications Are Available Here1:21
    Writing Samples and Other Goodies3:08
    References So You Won’t Have To Take My Word for Things0:29
  • Section 20: Great References Can Make All the Difference
    References The Right Way2:08
    Make It Easy To Get Ahold Of Your References0:36
    Great Communication With Your References0:18
    Reference Timing2:23
  • Section 21: A Few Resume Tips
    Resumes Are Not All the Same0:51
    Update Your Resume Every 30 Days1:25
    Filling The Resume Gap2:12
  • Section 22: Your Winning Social Media Strategy
    Your Social Media Reputation0:39
    Your Google Reputation3:03
    The Right Way and The Wrong Way to Approach People on Social Media5:09
    Quality Beats Quantity Every Time1:53
    Social Media Is For Everyone These Days1:32
  • Section 23. Take These Steps Right After the Interview
    The Gold Standard - The Handwritten Thank You Note2:29
    The Right Way to Send an Email Thank You Note1:17
    Email Versus Text Thank You Notes0:55
    Power Thank You Notes Based On Your Interview Notes3:10
    Remain Calm, Things Might Turn Your Way2:11
    Follow Up and Deliver Anything Else You Delivered During the Interview1:12
    The Follow Up Dance2:06
    Keep Your Recruiter In the Loop1:19
    Don’t Panic During a Stall1:26
    Nip It In the Bud3:05
  • Section 24: Delicate Issues To Tiptoe Around
    Tread Lightly Here2:27
    Making the Case You Aren’t a Flake2:01
    Don’t Bring Up Negative News Coverage1:09
    Don’t Let Negative Reactions To Negative News Sink You2:31
    Danger! Beyond Safe Boundaries3:27
    Calming Your Interviewer Down1:26
    Don’t Interrupt!1:25
    Get a Clue!0:43
    Not Too Brash and Not Too Meek1:08
    A Gap Too Big To Ignore1:48
    If Somebody Else Fired You...1:41
    Here Is Why You Are NOT a Flaky Person1:00
  • Section 25: Interviewing Skills for Skype and Telephone Interviews
    The Next Best Thing To Being There0:29
    Phone Interviews Are Still Serious Job Interviews1:14
    Never Use a Speakerphone!1:27
    The Spontaneous Phone Interview Request1:53
    A Controlled Environment for Your Video Interviews0:46
    The Standing Phone Interview1:09
    The Live Online Video Interview for You2:02
    You Simple, Low-Cost Skype Interview Studio4:38
    Makeup for Skype Video Interviews0:49
    A Controlled Environment for Your Phone Interviews1:20
    Ideally, Your Glasses Won’t Dominate the Screen1:58
  • Section 26: Interview Skills Needed for Special Situations
    Out of the Ordinary Interviews0:44
    Remember, Your Mission Has Not Changed1:39
    The Group Interview2:12
    Interviews In Other Cities1:20
    Job Fair Opportunities4:28
    Panel Interviews1:24
    Behavioral Interviews1:21
    Sequential Interviews2:47
    Job Interviews Over a Meal7:15
    The Recorded Video Interview2:07
    Case Study Interviews1:10
    Obnoxious Questions1:32
    Tests and Projects2:17
    Summer Jobs, Part-Time Jobs2:56
    Interviewing for A Job With Your Existing Company3:35
  • Section 27: Congratulations! You've received a Job Offer!
    Here is How to Handle Good News0:13
    Get It In Writing1:11
    Sometimes You Get a Better Offer0:18
    Share The Good News Quickly1:55
  • Section 28: Negotiating Your Best Salary
    Show Me the Money!1:03
    This Is How Much Money You Want1:33
    Your Response To Their First Offer2:39
    What To Say About Salary2:50
    The Budget Range2:42
    It’s About More Than Money1:29
    Know Your Priorities1:30
    Added Value1:26
    There Will Never Be a Better Time To Get a pay Increase Than Right Now2:29
  • Section 29: You Didn’t Get The Job Offer This Time
    Nobody Gets Every Job Offer0:56
    Don’t Ask Why0:58
    Sometimes You Just Know0:57
    It’s Really Not You1:31
    OK, It Was You1:20
    Focus On Building Your Long Term Reputation2:57
  • Section 30: Advanced Storytelling Techniques for Job Interviews
    Your Accomplishments Will Be Remembered Thanks to Great Storytelling1:30
    Tell Me About a Time...0:38
    The Elements of Storytelling0:49
    10 Assembling the Basic Build Blocks of Your Stories1:08
    11 The Real Reason We Are Telling These Stories Is...1:31
    13 Even Deeper Character Development0:50
    14 You Can Be the Star of Your Own Show1:40
    15 Here is Where All the Action Takes Place1:39
    16 Why Nobody Wants to Hear About Your Happy Family1:45
    17 Dialogue will Bring Your Stories to Life3:02
    18 Sharing Feelings IS Professional1:55
    19 Lights! Action! (And no Camera)0:44
    20 Put the Audience On Their Edge of Their Seats0:30
    21 It's OK Not to Love Storytelling3:25
    22 Surprise!0:38
    23 End with a Bang!0:35
    24 Tie Your Message to Your Story0:40
    25 Extra Ingredients for A Spicy Story1:42
    And Now, Here Is Your Story0:51
  • Section 31: Double The Number of Job Interviews You Get
    Time To Get More Job Interviews1:06
    Pros and Cons of Online Job Sites6:30
    Your Referral Pipeline2:51
    The Radical Notion of Following Up1:41
    Find Recruiters In Your Industry1:13
    Social Media Referrals3:17
    Leveraging The Insider’s Network To Your Advantage5:03
    Connect At the Top2:08
  • Section 32: Broader Interviewing Skills Concepts
    The Bigger Picture0:23
    Learn from Every Single Interview0:43
    If You do Get Advice From An Interviewer, Take It0:47
    Don’t Be Concise. Be Fantastic.0:42
    Guard Against Burnout1:12
    You Have More Power If You Have An Existing Job1:28
    Take a Stretch Interview1:08
    The Best Place to Practice Is Still In Front of a Video Camera1:26
    There Is No Such Thing As a Perfect Job2:11
  • Section 33: More Common and Uncommon Questions
    Getting Ready for Even More Questions1:47
    What Is Your Biggest Weakness1:28
    What Is the Biggest Mistake You Have ever Made1:20
    What Is the Toughest Question You Fear Being Asked1:04
    Who Are Our Competitors1:15
    What Kind of a Tree Would You Be1:31
    Why do You Want to Leave Your Current Position0:54
    What Is Your Ideal Work Environment0:47
    What Would Your Previous Co-workers Say About You0:46
    Why Are You The Very Best Person for This Job0:53
    Would You Fit In Here With Our Corporate Culture1:25
    What Is Your Favorite Book2:07
    Take a Look At the Long List of Other Questions Posted Here In the Resource Section of this Lecture0:43
  • Section 34: Bonus Reading Section (Not a video, just text)
    Secret to Foolproof Presentations - Spanish
    1001 Ways to Wow the_Media
    Media Training Success - How Anyone Can Become A Media Pro
    Secret to Foolproof Presentations
    Public Speaking Success - How Anyone Can Become A Better Presenter
  • Section 35: Conclusion - You Are Ready for Any Job Interview
    There Is Still A Chance for You To Ask Any Questions0:45
    This Is How You Upgrade This Course1:01
    You Are Ready for Any and Every Interview. Congratulations!1:28

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Interviewing skills are often the difference between getting the job interview versus getting the job offer. Great interviewing skills are essential if you want the best jobs in today's competitive market. Imagine walking into a job interview knowing you look and sound your best and understand precisely how to present yourself to the interviewers. That's what you'll learn in this course.

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