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  • Welcome to the Course!
    Introduction to the course1:40
    Atom setup4:58
  • Web Development Basics - HTML
    HTML document structure4:05
    HTML elements - div and span6:43
    HTML elements - i, b, p, and a6:28
    HTML elements - ul, li, and ol5:23
    HTML elements - header and footer5:21
    HTML elements - section, main, and article8:14
    HTML elements - h1-h6 and aside3:16
    HTML tables9:56
    HTML project - simple text site8:30
  • Advanced HTML Concepts
    Radio buttons4:40
    Select option and buttons6:19
    HTML5 videos7:13
    HTML5 audio4:35
    Meta tags7:13
  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    Targeting color and background15:58
    Element specificity3:48
    ID targeting, margin, and border11:50
    Padding, margin, and float8:11
    Max-width and background-image16:43
    Switching over to an IDE1:45
    Font weight, style, and family13:43
    Text decorations3:51
    Text spacing3:54
    Text decoration modification4:16
    Text shadow7:42
  • Advanced CSS
    Border radius8:27
    Viewpoint width and height, overflowing content7:20
    Transition property5:30
  • Javascript for Beginners
    Intro to Javascript4:23
    Alerts and console logging5:44
    Integers, strings, and variables6:49
    Undefined variables and modifying values of variables5:27
    Boolean operators2:48
    Comparing values5:11
    If statements10:53
    For loops3:19
    Defining functions6:04
    Event handling9:06
    Setting an elements inner HTML2:49
  • More JavaScript Concepts
    Arrays pt.15:57
    Arrays pt.26:55
    Arrays pt.35:24
    Textareas and getting the values of inputs13:43
    Functions - parameters and return values7:34
    Multiple parameters in functions5:01
    Flexible function parameters11:57
    Exercise - find the missing number7:52
    Exercise solution7:33
    Classes explained4:55
    Class constructor, instance variables, and static variables9:07
    Extending classes13:39
  • Getting Started with jQuery
    jQuery setup6:17
    Targeting elements4:10
    Event handling10:48
    Dropdown menus22:22
    Making our dropdown disappear4:36
    Multiple targets, events, attr method8:45
    Prepend, append, and html5:16
    event.which and switch properties9:01
    Custom context menu, pageY, and pageX13:28
    is method7:54
  • More jQuery
    Writing our own version of jQuery17:23
    Find method4:40
    First and last1:59
    Focusin and focusout11:21
    Contains, is, and hasClass7:08
    Each method2:36
  • Bootstrap Basics
    Bootstrap setup6:48
    Navbar pt.16:44
    Navbar pt.210:41
    Forms pt.113:59
    Forms pt.24:41
  • Bootstrap Project - Pipboy from Fallout 4
    Main page6:45
    Pipboy image and footer13:25
    Font and styling main nav13:03
    Navigation styling9:43
    Progress bars10:11
    Stat bars13:35
    Footer fixes2:08
    Damage and resistance5:27
    Inventory template4:11
    Item list13:02
    Weapon stat container11:05
    Finishing touches with JavaScript17:53
  • JavaScript Project - Chrome Extension
    Problem solving5:15
    Manifest files5:56
    Basic setup3:14
    Getting video URLs2:07
    Injecting JavaScript5:56
    Getting pretty objects for each URL4:46
    Creating download options list16:29
    Communicating between the page and extension9:25
    Chrome downloads API and background scripts7:59
    Receiving messages and downloading files5:44
    Styling our extension and publishing9:13
  • Final Thoughts
    Tips for getting started as a freelance web developer16:08

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Joseph Delgadillo


Joseph Delgadillo teaches skills ranging from computers and technology to entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Take a course with him to get an over-the-shoulder view of how experts are successful in their respective fields. He is a proud alumnus of Central Washington University.


Front-end development has proven itself as one of tech's most lucrative—and accessible—fields, and now's the perfect time to get your foot in the door! Designed from the ground up as a comprehensive front-end development primer, this course will have you foster real, employable skills as you work on projects ranging from a simple HTML page to a complete JavaScript based Google Chrome extension. This course covers the most popular web development frameworks, and will get you started on your path towards becoming an in-demand developer!

  • Access 117 lectures & 14 hours of content 24/7
  • Dive into web development basics w/ HTML
  • Explore Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Familiarize yourself w/ JavaScript programming
  • Discover the jQuery JavaScript library & Bootstrap framework


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