The Complete iOS 13 & SwiftUI Developer Bundle

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What's Included

The Complete iOS 13 Developer Course & SwiftUI
  • Certification included
  • Experience level required: Beginner
  • Access 229 lectures & 28 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

229 Lessons (28h)

  • 1: Introduction
    01-00.Getting Started Intro0:25
  • 2: XCode Overview & Getting Started
    01-01.Macbook Setup8:36
    01-02.Creating First Project10:55
    01-03.Xcode Overview14:09
    01-05.User Interface11:40
    01-06.Connecting Views6:49
    01-07.Changing Image with Code5:33
    01-08.Downloading Projects1:58
    GitHub Link for First App
  • 3: Swift 5 Deep Dive
    02-00.Swift Deep Dive Intro0:32
    02-01.Options for Writing10:52
    02-02.Variables and Constants11:07
    02-03.Variable Types10:01
    02-04.Predefining Types13:03
    02-08.While Loop11:17
    02-09.For Loop8:04
    02-10.If Controls11:12
    Playgrounds GitHub Link
    02-13.Worst Calculator Assignment2:08
    02-14.Calculator Design8:13
    02-15.Calculator Codes13:46
    02-16.Safety and Scope12:45
    Calculator GitHub Link
  • 4: Layout
    03-01.Layout Intro0:22
    03-01.Layout Overview8:49
    03-02.Adding Constraints7:10
    03-03.Constraints Detailed9:14
    03-04.Suggested Constraints4:35
    Project Layout GitHub Link
    03-05.Programmatic Views7:28
    03-06.Mathematical Operations7:14
    03-07.Creating Buttons11:38
    Objects With Code GitHub Link
    03-08.What is Swift UI?4:39
  • 5: Advanced iOS Features: Permanent Storage, Segue, Alert Message, Timers, Gestures
    04-00.Advanced iOS Features Intro0:31
    04-01.Storing Data11:37
    04-02.Taking Birthday Note11:26
    04-03.Deleting Data7:21
    Birthday Note Taker GitHub Link
    04-04.Second Screen8:59
    04-06.Information Transfer10:30
    04-07.ViewController Lifecycle7:53
    Segue App GitHub Link
    04-08.Alert Message13:07
    04-09.User SignUp Form10:03
    Alert Project GitHub Link
    04-10.Gesture Recognizers12:48
    Gesture Recognizer App GitHub Link
    Timer Project GitHub Link
  • 6: First Game: Catch the Kenny!
    05-00.Kenny Intro0:43
    05-01.Kenny Intro2:44
    05-02.Design of the Game8:51
    05-03.Increasing Score6:41
    05-04.Counting Down9:56
    05-05.Kenny Animating10:59
    05-06.Replay Function4:32
    05-07.Saving Highscores8:20
    Catch the Kenny GitHub Link
  • 7: TableView: Landmark Book
    06-00.LandmarkBook Intro0:43
    06-01.What is TableView?14:07
    06-001. What is Landmark Book1:13
    06-03.Displaying Array Data5:49
    06-04.Deleting Rows4:54
    06-06.Passing Information9:58
    Landmark Book GitHub Link
  • 8: Intermediate Swift: OOP
    07-00.Intermediate Swift Intro0:38
    07-01.What is OOP?6:49
    07-03.What is Enum?7:07
    07-04.What is Inheritance?8:21
    07-05.Access Levels5:33
    MusicianClass GitHub Link
    07-06.Simpson Book Design10:40
    07-07.TableView Setup8:31
    07-08.Creating Model9:08
    07-09.Simpson TableView4:37
    Simpson Book GitHub Link
    CCA Swift Level 1 Certification
  • 9: Core Data: Art Book
    08-00.Core Data Intro0:44
    08-00.What is ArtBook?2:18
    08-01.What is Core Data?8:47
    08-02.User Interface14:11
    08-03.Hiding Keyboard10:01
    08-04.Picking Image18:16
    08-05.Storing Information14:58
    08-06.Retrieving Information15:20
    08-07.Notification Center7:42
    08-08.Passing Data9:45
    08-10.Delete Functionality9:51
    Artbook GitHub Link
  • 10: Maps: Travel Book
    09-00.Maps Intro0:40
    09-01.What is Travel Book2:39
    09-02.Map Kit5:31
    09-03.User Location17:09
    09-04.Pins on Map11:52
    09-05.User Input4:28
    09-06.Saving Places12:48
    09-07.User Interface7:22
    09-08.Fetching Data6:50
    09-09.Passing Info6:16
    09-10.Showing Selected Pin11:03
    09-11.Disabling Updates7:17
    09-12.Customizing Pins11:42
    Travel Book GitHub Link
  • 11: iOS Special Features
    10-00.IOS Features Intro0:27
    Hodor Keyboard GitHub Link
    10-02.Sticker Pack4:56
    Sticker Pack GitHub Link
    10-03.Face Recognition16:38
    Face Recognition GitHub Link
    10-06.Dark Mode13:28
    10-07.Dark Mode Advanced6:50
    Dark Mode App GitHub Link
    10-04.What is Git?12:19
    10-05.What is GitHub?11:28
  • 12: API & JSON: Currency Converter
    11-00.Currency Converter Intro0:47
    11-01.What is Api?7:25
    11-02.What is JSON?7:11
    11-03.User Interface8:51
    11-04.Creating URL8:52
    11-05.Getting Data12:13
    11-06.Process Data11:55
    Currency Converter GitHub Link
  • 13: Firebase: Instagram Clone
    12-00.Instagram Clone Intro0:40
    12-001.Insta Clone Intro2:41
    12-01.What is Firebase9:37
    12-02.What is Cocoapods17:39
    12-03.User Interface13:35
    12-04.Adding Settings VC12:41
    12-05.Creating Users11:19
    12-06.Sign In14:53
    12-07.Upload VC Assignment13:57
    12-08.Upload Operations17:32
    12-09.Storage Operations9:26
    12-10.Firestore Structure16:54
    12-11.Saving Date5:57
    12-12.Creating Feed Cell17:03
    12-13.Retrieving Data17:29
    12-14.Downloading Images11:53
    12-15.Document IDs9:02
    12-16.Liking Posts7:45
    12-17.Firebase Security4:59
    Instagram Clone GitHub Link
  • 14: Push Notifications
    13-00.Push Notifications Intro1:00
    13-01.Enabling Push Services19:38
    13-02.One Signal Integration14:06
    13-03.Manual Notification12:46
    13-04.Notifications with Code7:47
    13-05.Player ID9:59
    13-06.Firebase Checks11:54
    13-07.Sending Push Notifications7:25
    Instagram Clone with Push Notifications GitHub Link
  • 15: Parse: Foursquare Clone
    14-00.Foursquare Intro0:29
    14-00.What is Foursquare Clone?2:35
    14-01.What is Parse?6:56
    14-02.Integrating Parse5:50
    14-03.Server Connection15:34
    14-04.Writing to Database7:12
    14-05.Retrieving Data6:44
    14-06.Signing Users Up10:55
    14-07.Signing Users In5:02
    14-08.Places VC7:51
    14-09.Remember Logins12:34
    14-10.Adding Place VC8:32
    14-11.MapVC Interface10:39
    14-12.Details VC5:54
    14-13.Choosing Image4:24
    14-14.Singleton Class14:48
    14-15.Getting User Location8:19
    14-16.Choosing Location6:45
    14-17.Saving Places10:45
    14-18.Retrieving Data8:59
    14-19.Transferring Data6:27
    14-20.Displaying Details9:02
    14-21.Map Details6:14
    14-22.Adding Navigation10:48
    14-23.Finishing the App5:06
    Foursquare GitHub Link
  • 16: Sprite Kit: Angry Birds Clone
    15-00.Angry Bird Intro0:25
    15-00.What is Angry Bird Clone?1:46
    15-01.What is Sprite Kit?6:55
    15-02.Finding Game Art9:21
    15-03.Game Scene Overview7:00
    15-04.Game Scene Design8:39
    15-05.Creating Sprites with Code9:55
    15-06.Physics Body14:45
    15-07.Bringing in Boxes8:53
    15-08.Making the Bird Fly5:14
    15-09.Moving the Bird6:18
    15-10.Throwing Bird in the Air6:22
    15-11.Resetting Game5:44
    15-12.Detecting Collisions8:52
    15-13.Increasing Score6:09
    Angry Bird Clone GitHub Link
  • 17: Advanced Swift
    17-00.Advanced Swift Intro0:26
    17-02.Creating Struct7:24
    17-03.Reference vs Value Type9:09
    17-04.Mutating Function3:23
    17-06.Guard Let5:52
    17-07.Switch Case6:27
    Advanced Swift GitHub Link
    CCA Swift Level 2 Certification
  • 18: Crash Course on SwiftUI
    18-00.SwifUI Intro0:39
    18-01.What is SwiftUI?5:27
    18-03.SwiftUI Hidden Power10:04
    First SwiftUI Project GitHub Link
    18-07.What is Favorite Book?1:10

The Complete iOS 13 Developer Course & SwiftUI

Rob Percival & Codestars


Rob Percival has a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University. After building websites for friends and family for fun, he soon learned that web development was a very lucrative career choice. He gave up a successful job as a teacher to work part-time and today, couldn't be happier. He's passionate about teaching kids to code, so every summer he runs Code School in the beautiful city of Cambridge. He also runs the popular web hosting and design service, Eco Web Hosting which leaves him free to share my secrets with people like you.


With iOS 13 bringing new Siri voice capabilities, a revamped Photos app, Dark Mode support, and more new features to the platform, there's never been a better time to break into app development. Get your coding stripes and start building apps by jumping into this 40+ hour training led by Rob Percival, one of the Web's highest-rated instructors. Even if you've never touched a line of code before, Rob guides you through the essentials, like Swift5 and XCode 11, as you build several projects for iOS 13, including clones of Uber and Instagram. This course is completely up to date, you won't see any outdated technology, outdated lectures.

  • Access 229 lectures & 28 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand iOS13 development w/ Swift5
  • Master Swift5 programming skills
  • Build & iPhone/iPad app & put them to the App Store
  • Learn essential design skills


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web & mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Updates included
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Mac
  • Internet access required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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